An Interview with Richel Bilderbeek

Tell me something about your project?  
I am working on setting up a course teaching biology with the DIYbio philosophy  
Who is/are part of this project (people, company etc.)?  
DIYbio Groningen and stichting De Jonge Onderzoekers Groningen and stichting Fablab Groningen  What are the challenges you encountered?  Finding volunteers to help teaching  

How did you get the funding of this project?  
It came from our members  

What motivates you to create this project?  
Teaching is important in the goal of bringing biology within reach of the common 

What equipments did you use/are using?  
Our self-made electrophoresis tray, our self-made transa=illuminator, an ex-university PCR, ex-university microscopes and sometimes we borrow equipment from the universty   

When did you started this project and when do you think it will be finished/when did you finished it?  It will start when there are enough people. It will end when there are no more students or people  

In what aspect does your project can help the people? 
It will reduce misconceptions about biology. It will inspire younger generations.  

Do you think your project would be successful and useful?  
Absolutely Yes.