Andrew Gray

Andrew is originally from the bay area (San Francisco) but left early on at the age of 13 when her mom remarried a Tasmanian wine maker. So he grew up in Australia, finished high school, joined the US Navy and spent 4 years in the Pacific fleet and 1 year in Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan he happened upon a US base that had internet and started an associates in computer science, and did an elective in Biology. After doing that elective in biology, he fell in love with it. He left the military to study science and explore this new found appreciation for life it had given to him. When he enrolled in a University Melbourne Australia, he was a little annoyed at how little hands on science they were being exposed to and how “babied” the prac sessions were. After having to change Universities and start over due to financial reasons, he was even more annoyed and grew increasingly impatient. So he initially wanted to get involved with Biohacking to start practicing molecular biology and biochemistry sooner rather than later. However, the more he learned about BioHacking and what science inspired version of the maker movement had to offer, his outcomes started to, and continue to change.